Critical Information

Height – 5’0″
Weight – 115 lbs.
School – Shorewood High School
Position/Role – Coxswain at the Milwaukee Rowing Club

Character References

Roger Huffman – Women’s Junior Team
Phone Number – 714-661-6172

Peter Heifer – Men’s Junior Team
Phone Number – 262-424-9899

Coxswain Career Achievements

Summer 2013

  • Attended George Washington University’s Colonial Rowing Camp
  • Attended a Sparks Coxswain-Only Camp in Oklahoma City
  • First-place finish WV8+ at Twin Cities Sweeps
  • First-place finish MN4+ at Twin Cities Sweeps
  • Second-place finish WV4+ at Twin Cities Sweeps
Spring 2013

  • Second-place finish WN4+ in finals of Greater Chicago Juniors Rowing Championship
  • Seventh-place finish WN4+ overall at Midwest Junior Rowing Championship
Fall 2012

  • Second-place finish WN4+ at Tall of the Fox
  • Sixth-place finish WN8+ at Head of the Rock
Summer 2012

  • First-place finish WN4+ at Twin Cities Sweeps
  • First-place finish WN8+ at Twin Cities Sweeps

Anna Ferrara Contact Information

Phone Number – 414-313-6366
Email –