PeppNation Testimonials

PeppNation has proven to be a priceless fixture in youth rugby in Wisconsin. The student athletes involved are getting to pursue their passion of rugby and their overall growth as an individual. PeppNation has shown to have success inspiring youth to pursue their dreams and a vehicle of character education. I have also had the experience of recruiting exceptional athletes from PeppNation. I look forward to the continued success of the organization and to continued recruitment from a D1 Rugby Scholarship University.

- Billy Nichols, Head Coach Lindenwood University Women’s Rugby
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In 2013, a friend of mine mentioned a conversation that he had with a client. He stated that a young man named Brandon Culpepper had spoken with him about his organization which attempted to get young people into college through athletics. This friend of mine arranged a meeting for Brandon and I. We met for dinner and discussed what I needed to do in order to play collegiate football. Brandon reiterated the fact that I needed to “sell myself” using their 7 step program. After dinner, we remained in touch and Brandon aided me throughout the process. I created a player profile and a highlight reel. I also contacted coaches and looked into different schools in an attempt to get my name out there. Last summer, I got in contact with the Hillsdale College football coaches. I gave them my information and “sold myself.” We are still in contact and after being invited to work out and performing well, I was offered a spot on the team. I couldn’t have done it without Brandon and I am grateful to God for this immense blessing!

- Christian Shepler, Hillsdale College Football Player
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Peppnation provided a huge relief to the stress that came with finishing up my senior year of high school and trying to get into college. They taught me about the recruiting process and allowed me to market myself to a number of college teams that got me a lot of attention as an athlete. By creating an athletic profile through Peppnation, I was able to show off my stats to college coaches so they could conveniently view my athletic ability. Making phone calls as part of the 7-step process put me on the radar of a lot of teams and allowed me to directly sell myself to coaches. Not only did PeppNation teach me, but the members of Peppnation shared the same passion for athletics as I do. They cared about my moving to the next level as much as I did, which truly helped me stay relaxed about the process, knowing that I had a great team of people backing me.

I truly believe that without Peppnation, the recruiting process would not have gone as smoothly as it did for me. Working with Peppnation is a decision that I will never forget, because it allowed me to take huge steps toward both my academic and athletic future.

- Christian Lopez, Cardinal Stritch University Baseball Player
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